The Chair of Accounting and Audit


Head of the Chair: Taras Savchenko, Doctor of Economics, Professor.

The Department was established in 1998.

The Chair consists of 24 lecturers, including 2 Doctors of Economics, 11 assistant professors, 3 senior lecturers, 5 lecturers, 2 assistants and 1 technician.

The Department taught fundamental and professionally oriented courses for students of educational-qualifying levels "bachelor" and "master". Disciplines taught by the Chair: Business analysis, Audit, Accounting, control and audit, Accounting (theory), Accounting in business management, internal control, State financial control, Economic analysis, Bank Statements, Statements of enterprises Information system "1C: accounting, Information systems and technologies in accounting and auditing, the History of accounting, Methods and models of decision making in the analysis and audit, Accounting in budgetary institutions, Accounting in economic activity, Accounting for small companies, Accounting and audit in banks, Accounting and reporting  according to international standards, Accounting in Bank,  Operations with derivative financial instruments and their accounting, Organization of accounting in the Bank, Audit organization and methodology, financial control and audit, Tax accounting, Professional accounting standards, System processing of economic information, Statistics, Statistical records, Strategic analysis, Forensic accounting, Management accounting, Financial accounting.

The researchers of the Chair have prepared more than 150 methodical papers, 500 scientific works including 50 monographs, brochures and textbooks.

The Department conducts research on the following topics:

- "The reform of the financial system of Ukraine in the conditions of European integration processes" (number of state registration 0109U006782);
- "Development  of the banking system of Ukraine functioning mechanisms under the influence of foreign capital" (number of state registration 0107U012112).

The Department has the following sections of economic Sciences, which involved students of III-V courses:

Section 1 "problems of organization of accounting, analysis and audit", (supervisor - Phd, associate Professor Vinnichenko N. V.);

Section 2: “Economic analysis in stock trading", (supervisor - Phd, associate Professor Plastun A. L.).

Chair’s address: Petropavlivska Str. 57, 40030, Sumy, Ukraine.
Tel: (0542) 665-092